Inflicting pain, just because we can

the team


Words: gavin

In the annals of bad ideas, bike racing to the average person is probably reasonably high up the list. Bike racing at 6am on a saturday morning is slightly higher up that list, especially when you could be safely tucked up in bed. And then there’s bike racing at 6am on a Saturday morning whilst throwing in a suicidal attack or three. But then no one would ever describe us as “average”. No. “Insane”, “stupid”, “foolish” all spring to mind, but not normal. So, we figured that the day would be a good day to live up to these monikers.

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The Killington Effect… aka “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”


There comes a point in every race where you have two choices: apply more power, or head swiftly backwards and wave the peloton goodbye. Two weeks ago in Killington, I got to wave them goodbye not once, but twice. That’s stage racing for you! Today was my first race back, and unlike Killington with its endless hills, it was a flat, five-lap affair round Prospect Park. I was keen to see the gains I’d made in the run-up to GFNY and Killington, and this would be the first comparable race where I’d get to find out.

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Race Report: The Killington Stage Race

by: Gavin Chow

“Oh… that hill. You know that’s not a hill, don’t you?”

Killington, Vermont, Memorial Day weekend, 2017: the GFNY Racing Team gathered at the charming Butternut Inn and Pancake House for our first foray into stage racing. Three days, 110 miles of racing over what the organizers described as “challenging” terrain. The seven-strong team was split between the Men’s 4/5 Open category and the Men’s 4/5 Masters category.  Juan “I’ve bought my standard” Sanchez, Ramon “Oh wait, I’ve been here before” Thompson, and Justin “what do you mean by ‘ride outdoors’?” Bangs represented the team in the Open category.

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When the GFNY Racing Team goes pro. For a day.

Words: Gavin Chow The Campagnolo GFNY Championship race is always a special day for the Racing Team. It’s our title sponsor race, it’s the one that has brought us together as a team, and we have the incredibly special honor of being one of the few teams that get to line up at the front, amongst some serious local and international competition. And, best of all, this year we got to be completely Pro, not just for the day, but the entire weekend! That started at 8:00, on Saturday, a full 23 hours before the start! So here’s a recap of an incredible four pro moments from an amazing weekend. Oh, and my race report too. Continue reading

Lucarelli & Castaldi Cup Race #3 – April 9th 2017 Cat 5 Race Report

Words: Gavin Chow

Five things people don’t tell you about bike racing

So, race day #2 of the weekend dawned, well, early. And not so bright, seeing as my alarm woke me rather rudely at 4AM. On a Sunday. Of course, natural reaction was to roll-over and stick my head under the pillow, but that didn’t work, so then I decided it can’t be an imaginary alarm but a real one. Yep. Next step: open eyes. It seems to be the same open or closed – dark. Hmm… either I’ve lost my vision overnight, or, yegads, it’s still dark outside. Which leads us neatly to bike racing thing #1. It’s called “be glad you didn’t go out last night, because that 4AM alarm call is one hell of a rude awakening”.

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CRCA Race #2: “F!*& Y@#£”

Off the…?

words: Gavin Chow

F!*& Y@#£”.

Well, that about sums things up. But let’s rewind for a few hours. Because this day starts at 2:43 AM, when I roll over thinking “have I missed my alarm call? Did I sleep through it”?

“Nope. You have another two hours and two minutes to go before that goes off and you need to drag yourself out of bed. So go back to sleep”, said left-brain. At this point, right-brain had a fundamental disagreement, curtailing any chances of sleep. But, oh well, it’s race day, race #1 of the season for me, my first CRCA club race, a 5-lap affair of Central Park, and my first foray into the real world of bike racing. It’s going to be fun.

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Team Fitness testing – What you measure, you can improve.

Words – Gavin Chow

February 18th. Apparently the first day of spring, but Team GFNY-Racing chose to spend the day inside the Gavia Cycling Studio for the inaugural 2017 Team FTP test. Weather outside – a balmy 64 degrees. Inside started relatively cool, but by minute 10 the combined power had turned the room into a 90 degree sauna, with the temperature headed only one way.

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