Crits are Lit! I Will Foundation Series Race Report #1

Crits are fun! Racing is FUN! Hard, but fun!
I signed up for this race not knowing what to expect. I knew I would learn a lot about myself and about racing, and that the experience would be worth it.

Killington from the Sideline

Occasionally you get to do something different. When invited to spend Memorial Day weekend in Killington VT, I jumped at the occasion. The last time I was there was years ago during the ski season, carving up the slopes.

This past weekend, the 2018 Killington Stage Race was on and I wish I’d been riding with these impressive athletes all along. Instead, I got to do the next best thing. I observed, becoming more enthralled by the sport, each of 3 races ending with a soak in the hot tub, taking in the sun, rain, and wind, heat and chill.

Inflicting pain, just because we can

  Words: gavin In the annals of bad ideas, bike racing to the average person is probably reasonably high up the list. Bike racing at 6am on a saturday morning is slightly higher up that list, especially when you could be safely tucked up in bed. And then there’s bike racing at 6am on a…

Race Report: KSR, A View From The Back

By: Jared Skolnick This photo sort of sums up the weekend for me:   It was the Killington Stage Race (KSR,) I finished (like the sign says,) and there was always someone in front of me (and rarely anyone behind me.) But I’m getting ahead of myself…

Race Report: The Killington Stage Race

by: Gavin Chow “Oh… that hill. You know that’s not a hill, don’t you?” Killington, Vermont, Memorial Day weekend, 2017: the GFNY Racing Team gathered at the charming Butternut Inn and Pancake House for our first foray into stage racing. Three days, 110 miles of racing over what the organizers described as “challenging” terrain. The…

When the GFNY Racing Team goes pro. For a day.

Words: Gavin Chow The Campagnolo GFNY Championship race is always a special day for the Racing Team. It’s our title sponsor race, it’s the one that has brought us together as a team, and we have the incredibly special honor of being one of the few teams that get to line up at the front,…