GFNY Racing Team Jerseys

gfny-racing-team-jersey-crca2016 was the inaugural year for GFNY Racing, so we had to piece a few things together in the winter months leading up to the CRCA season. This meant that we didn’t really have the proper team jerseys and we had to stitch CRCA patches onto the GFNY jerseys to meet CRCA sub-team requirements. But two things worked in our favor for 2017:

  1. We had time to plan ahead
  2. GFNY formed its own apparel company giving it more flexibility in production

Our jerseys have arrived for the 2017 season (even if it is WAY too cold to wear them yet) and we now have proper team jerseys! The first and most important item is the proper addition of the CRCA logo on the sleeves without the need for sew-on patches.

gfny-racing-team-jersey-backThe next difference is that the back has RACING TEAM printed where the standard GFNY jerseys will say CHAMPIONSHIP. These two small design changes are really important to the team. First, we now look like a properly managed and planned team! Second, with so much GFNY gear on the road in NYC, we have a little something that helps us stand out.

In addition, like all GFNY jerseys, these have the two extra side pockets for trash and all the attention to detail that sets GFNY apart. The fit is terrific (a little tighter than previous years if considering your size for May 21st), the side panels are very stretchy to accommodate different body types and the pockets are roomy without being bulky.

gfny-racing-team-jersey-zipperTwo other improvements this year are the cut at the waist and the improved zipper. The waist cut isn’t something I had a problem with before, but it apparently was a bit out of proportion for some. The zipper, on the other hand, is a huge improvement that everyone will notice. While a touch harder to “start” the zipper, the connection is confident, the pull tab is easy to grab (including with spring gloves) and the zipper has larger teeth – more suited to athletic uses versus the previous zipper. Even with the added heft, it’s light, easy to zip and still hides nicely behind the jersey stitching when zipped. I’m not sure how that last bit was accomplished, but it’s a thing of beauty!

As part of the Racing Team, we get to enjoy these as our season starts in March. You’ll need to wait for yours to be included in your GFNY packet for May 21st. But, trust me, it will be worth the wait!






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